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We hiked Mount Democrat, outside of Alma (site of Maryann's future hybrid consignment shop and yoga studio called "Alma Look So Good!!!"). If you read the fine print, you will understand this: the round-trip hike is only 4 miles, so only about a 1/3 of the length of the Harvard hike. The elevation gain is 2,150 feet, so still no walk in the woods.

We camped outside of Leadville, and while on paper, Mount Democrat is not far away, it took about 1.5 hours to get from the campsite to the trailhead, because you had to drive around the mountains.

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Here are some pictures.

View from our car.

From this vantage point, Heather said, "Oh, that's why it's called Kite Lake, because it looks like a kite." I would not have  made the connection.

Break time. The peak in the background is what I thought we were aiming for, but I learned a new outdoorsy term: "false summit." In other words, that looks like the highest point but it isn't. The true summit is not visible from our line of sight. Mother Nature is a bitch.



How do I get into this?

TRUE summit as seen from the FALSE summit.  Not too far away, thankfully!

On top, looking back at the road we drove in on

Summit of Mount Democrat, 14,148 feet above sea level



More summit, looking east.  One of the bluish mountain blobs in the background is Breckenridge.

Whiskey makes the hike grow fonder.

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