This Week's Thoughts

I'm betraying my ignorance, but I did not hear of Wangari Maathai until she passed away this week. When she won the Nobel Peace Prize, she said she went outside and planted a tree. "That's the way I do things when I want to celebrate. I always plant a tree." She sounded beautiful.

Phrase I'm tired of hearing: "In This Economy..."  We've been in this economy for a while.

And another addition for the "words I hate" section of the bitchlog: mouthfeel.  Gross.

I read that New York subway platforms will soon have cell phone service.  I wish they wouldn't.  Mystery seems to die a little every day.

Then something restores your faith.  Two words, two words I would never think to combine, but the result is delicious: Pumpkin Regatta. Look at the last photo!

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Yvonne said...

Oh Brian, you make me laugh! The pumpkin regatta was amazing.