From Tom and Lorenzo, before the Project Runway finale (I know the outcome but am still catching up):
It’s time to start asking the question of why, after nine seasons, the winners of Project Runway (with the notable exception of Christian Siriano) don’t have post-show careers distinguishable from the designers who don’t win, or even from many of the designers who never made it into the finals at all. We’re not gonna lie: we hope Viktor wins it, because if he does, it’ll be because the judges recognize his professionalism and the potential for his work to sell well. No, he’s not “fashion forward,” but the tagline is “The Search for the Next Great Fashion Designer,” not “The Most Fashion Forward Designer.” And when you’ve got a Marie Claire editor, a Victoria’s Secret model, and a designer who made his name by churning out well made classics, all this talk of “fashion forward” comes off like a lot of bullshit.
What is the point of this show anymore?

Running Commentary #9

I had a look at my new year's resolutions, an urge I get around this time of year, followed by depression that most goals have fallen by the wayside.  So this review, coupled with Becky's suggestion that we do the Turkey Trot at Thanksgiving, made me bust out a running plan.  I ran 5 slow miles today.  That's the farthest I've run in 18 months.


That's My Jam

Damn, I think I love that boy.  Enthralled by the frenzy and wordplay of Countdown.


Best Regards

File under: fantastic e-mail closings. I received this gem today.

"Sorry for the incontinence."


Hopes and Dreams

Where will we be next year? New York? Boston? San Francisco? Los Angeles? Chicago? San Diego? Seattle?

I think I'm going to have daily rankings.  Let the fun begin.



Please enjoy "4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)" in the absence of any new updates from me.  Why this song? Aunt Joanie and I drove to Boston, and I was pleasantly surprised by her car's CD collection, which was awesome and included:

  • The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle
  • Simply the Best (Tina Turner greatest hits)
  • Taylor Swift, as polarizing as ever
  • I Am… Sasha Fierce
  • Whatever Whitney Houston album has "Million Dollar Bill," favorite of our Denver friends at MST


People You May Know, According to LinkedIn

I don't know how LinkedIn comes up with its suggestions for "people you may know," but I have found it impressive bordering on creepy.

"You're my boyfriend's cousin's boyfriend. How are you on there? I didn't even know your last name until LinkedIn told it to me."

The successful one-up:

"I had sex with you in Paris!!! That's the ONLY connection!"


Retellings Inspired by Life Events This Week

1) No Exit: Four diners find they cannot leave a restaurant.  They have ordered a souffle that will never arrive...because they're in hell! "We're locked in to dessert!"

2) Moby-Dick: The chronicle of a man's obsessive attempt to fish a lemon seed from a glass of iced tea at the Brookside Diner.


  1. Say Something Nice
  2. Hearing Herself for the First Time