“Spa-GHE-tti!” Andrew said and shook his fist for emphasis. “James, you’re Italian; am I doing it right?” James showed him it was all in the wrist. We piled into a stunning BMW and we belted out “I Have Nothing” and we went to watch Owen and James.

I sat on the lip of Casey’s bathtub and drank beer while she applied her makeup and when we left the apartment she said she was glad it was just us tonight. “I don’t even need to pretend to be cool.” And then I said she looked hot in her jeans and she told me I didn’t even know.  “A single gal in New York? You have to bring your A game every time. There ARE NO DAYS OFF!” This she tried to say without laughing.

Courtney still had her Christmas wreath from last year up and her air conditioner on and Julie came in from Philadelphia. We had cheese, olives, Ryan’s apple butter, and healthy doses of champagne.

It’s getting harder and harder, he said, and that was all.

Eliot said his default reaction to any idea that doesn’t originate in his own brain is NO.  We had crepes and saw the orchestra and stopped at the piano bar and Allison said we were the definition of liberal.
I loved the flowery goodwill of Diwali greetings.  Ro is in love. She wrote that she thought of me and it goes both ways.

And in The Waves it was like they were all facets of one person and when I think of Erin making eggs for breakfast it makes me happy.

We talked in a courtyard and winter seemed so far off but now not two weeks later it’s snowing and I’m reading under blankets.

He said tequila was the devil’s drink.  You need to know what you’re in for.

I had dreams again of alternate lives and God I love the laugh lines at the corners of your eyes so it always feels like flirting even though we never go for drinks.

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