"You're always writing letters to people you don't talk to anymore while ignoring the people you should talk to!" This was how my brain ended an argument we were having about blogging in January. So in anger, laziness, and a spirit of not caring, I began copying and pasting. Not very creative. I was still thinking about letters, not least because I began reading the letters of John and Abigail Adams. Thinking over the idea that the blog or letters I've written were only one side of a conversation. The past month offers glimpses of the other side: e-mails, IMs, text messages I've received. In truth, none of them are from a proper letter (one is quote from a birthday card), but again: laziness.

There is not much rhyme or reason, just things that struck me as interesting, funny, unforgettable at the beginning of 2012.   Some were aligned to specific dates: #28, can you spell out the M. one day, is a question I asked J.P. in an e-mail ten years ago.  He signed his name J.P.M.R.  January 28th is our anniversary.  (#6 is from an e-mail he sent me around the same time.) #9 I liked because it made me laugh out loud.  #29 returns to me often (years after it was written I e-mailed my friend to confess that I dwell on this - the bathtub, the dilemma), as does #8, which is a comment Julie made when asked about all the frequent shopper/loyalty cards on her key chain.  The quotations from poems or books are things I liked but never knew what to do with. Exception: #17, originally was going to be a quote from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind movie, but then I went for Alexander Pope instead (the poem where the title is from) because the of the writing/letter reference. #26 might sound ominous, but it is actually an order Imme gave me over Christmas to help her open a puzzle that was wrapped in plastic.

Moving on to February, our future location will be revealed to us by the end of the month.  The short list appears to be Boston, Los Angeles, and New York. Not necessarily in that order.  Rankings will be determined this weekend.

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