My Boyfriend's Father

Kisses me on the cheek, like my own father does. File under: Things I Never Dreamed.



Burn my mouth. Keep my tongue from tasting this day.


Traveling Mercies

"'We in our faith work,' she said, 'stumble along toward where we think we're supposed to go, bumbling along, and here is what's so amazing--we end up getting exactly where were supposed to be.'"

I've loved everything I've read by Anne Lamott. Traveling Mercies was no exception. She is giving a reading for her latest in Denver soon, and I'm hoping to make it.


Dear Andrew

Dear Andrew,

I thought of you today as I carried my near-dead plant home from the office. I felt like Liz Lemon as crazy old lazy/Joker. Crowds stared and parted like the Red Sea! It made my walk to Penn Station a breeze.

I am hanging on to this plant and taking it to NJ (back to the Garden!) and asking my mom to nurse it to recovery. I know nothing of plants, but I believe this one has life in him. Like Anne Lamott, "I'm a sucker for a good resurrection story."

Yours sincerely,



All My Little Words

The Magnetic Fields have been in my head all day.


Express to New York

I rode one of those $15 $16 buses from the airport to Port Authority today. Many of the passengers around me were international tourists, speaking French or consulting German guide books. A German girl pointed out the Empire State Building to her friends. I wondered at our different reactions. They were seeing New York for the first time and brimmed with nervous travel excitement. I saw Route 78 and thought about how I could not count the times I've crossed back and forth on that road. I was coming home.

J.P. matched for internship in New York, and we will be moving this summer. I immediately started checking off things I loved and hated about the city. We had an ongoing conversation about varying topics over the first week:

  • J.P. planned to leave his car out west. I really don't mind not driving.
  • I lamented mice and cockroaches but conjured a small Victory Fist when I realized "We have cats now!"
  • We tried to lecture the cats about how their living space will be downsized.
  • "We have to figure out how to afford to live in New York," I said. "That's your responsibility," he said.
  • "Bagels as far as the eye can see!" I said.
I guess I have some nervous excitement, too. I'm happy to be heading back, old friend.



You can watch the LA premiere reading of 8 on the American Foundation for Equal Rights' YouTube here.

Spring Is Coming

"First love is such sweet despair, Colin." --My Week with Marilyn


College Doesn't Make You Liberal

Yay, science.

Phone Call with Niece

"What are you doing today?"

"I'm going to see Jesus, Brian."

"Oh, tell him I said hello."


Dream, 3/2/2012

Again with the bike, again with Karla Drive. (Apparently in my dreams I am close but never quite make it home.) I took the bike to a shop "in town" and exchanged it for another. I stopped in a pub and ran into Megan, who was hiding from her landlord. He showed up and ranted. Later I was at a party and left to get my car, but Rihanna insisted that she would drive. She had her red hair. She drove, and Jay-Z and I sat next to her. We passed a George Washington Bridge-like bridge. Even later there was a man whose features were all being blown out of proportion by a very strong fan, and from under his hand crawled a roach. I woke up wondering what it would be like if a cockroach were my spirit animal.