Express to New York

I rode one of those $15 $16 buses from the airport to Port Authority today. Many of the passengers around me were international tourists, speaking French or consulting German guide books. A German girl pointed out the Empire State Building to her friends. I wondered at our different reactions. They were seeing New York for the first time and brimmed with nervous travel excitement. I saw Route 78 and thought about how I could not count the times I've crossed back and forth on that road. I was coming home.

J.P. matched for internship in New York, and we will be moving this summer. I immediately started checking off things I loved and hated about the city. We had an ongoing conversation about varying topics over the first week:

  • J.P. planned to leave his car out west. I really don't mind not driving.
  • I lamented mice and cockroaches but conjured a small Victory Fist when I realized "We have cats now!"
  • We tried to lecture the cats about how their living space will be downsized.
  • "We have to figure out how to afford to live in New York," I said. "That's your responsibility," he said.
  • "Bagels as far as the eye can see!" I said.
I guess I have some nervous excitement, too. I'm happy to be heading back, old friend.

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