The New Friday Night Liquor Store

Wine Heaven is our Friday Night Liquor Store. It is convenient.  Its name is Wine Heaven. A cat sits on the counter and watches the street.  The cashier shaves the neon orange price stickers from the necks of the bottles with a small razor blade.  The blade is tied to the counter with a thin red ribbon.


Dear New York City Boys

I haven't seen this many ankles since the Amateur Hemming Expo of 1881! I'm okay with it, but it's startling how extensively cuffed pants have been adopted.


Checking In

I am settling into life in New York. We have kitchen shelves!

I have met friends on the rooftops of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The city is beautiful from up there.

The ladies who work at Al's Deli call me baby or papi. They call the men who speak Spanish to them mi amor

I am alternately energized and exhausted by the city. The people and the buildings are inspiring, but I am getting reacquainted with the feeling that daily life is a battle.


This Is a Test

Testing Twitter integration, y'all.  Worlds colliding.

The McSmall Room Is Back

The ideas are flowing.  Just consider these new television shows we're pitching:

  • Legal Beagle: something about veterinary malpractice and a lovable dog
  • Dawson's Administration: I don't wanna wait...to see Dawson Leery as president!