The Last Few Weekends

31. NYC. Sitting in a coffee shop, dumping teenage questions on a page in my bitchlog and loving it. 

A work project has been terribly stressful. Operation Weekend Recharge.
  • Housewarming/Engagement/Birthday/Curiosity Landing Celebration at Brooke’s
  • Breakfast with Yvonne and Dan, visiting from LA, whom I always want to breakfast with, because they are always inspiring me with personal passion projects and whatnot
  • Beer with Allison, passing through NYC on her way to Long Island. We met outside Penn Station for an hour and talked Downingtown and admired East Coast delis.  (Delis were also discussed at breakfast.)
  • Elena’s wedding/dancing with Hannah
  • My nieces and my sisters at Aunt Joanie’s
  • “It’s pretty weird how much we talk about Hemispheres Magazine"
  • I finished reading The Happiness Project. I didn’t love the style, but I enjoyed the subject.  
    • She said babies laugh about 400 times a day, but the average adult laughs 17 times a day.  I hope for me it’s more than that.
  • I watched the pilot of Freaks and Geeks the other night.  I have taken to heart this (paraphrased) line: “If the worst thing in your life is somebody made you go to a dance, then I’d say you have a pretty good life.”

If the worst thing in my life is that I gave a poorly received presentation and lost some sleep, well...I'm grateful.

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