Kyle Conversations

JP unwinds to Kyle XY reruns on Netflix these days.  I have seen a few episodes.  This has sparked fun conversations.

I. Kyle and Jessi both look up at the sky. Something happens.

Me: What was that? What are they looking at?

JP: They're cosmically connected.

Me: You mean like us?

JP: Yes, like us. But less awesome.

II. The dad is playing video games with his son, Josh.

Me: (referencing a conversation earlier in the night when JP said he wanted to be a dad) Are you going to do that when you're a dad?

JP: I don't know.  I always figured you would be the Dad-Dad. I'm going to be...the Mom-Dad.

Me: The Mom-Dad?!?? What does that even mean?

(This is not the first time this has come up.  JP envisions that I will be Phil Dunphy.)

Me: And why do you think that the Dad-dad would play video games? Because if we were talking about my family, I'm pretty sure my mom would have done that.

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