The Fault in Our Stars

I got swept up in this book.  Just loved the main characters.  Teenagers with a sense of humor in love.



It is spent working, but it is sunny and bright in New York City and there is such a thing on earth as a ukulele orchestra!


Poem in Your Pocket Day 2013

Looking for this year's poem started a few weeks ago, when I was flipping through books to start considering my options. There's a great passage from "What I Ate Where" in Dinners & Nightmares which was a strong initial contender.  Then I stopped playing Temple Run and started "spinning" in the mobile app.  This led me to a poem by Rebecca Lindenberg, which I loved, and  I was fascinated by this disappearance of her love/poet Craig Arnold.  So in celebrating the poetry month and the birth month and the joy of purchasing a physical book, I bought Love, an Index. This was a very enjoyable experience and led me down all sorts of other roads briefly (like D.H. Lawrence and Robert Creeley). But, in the end, I was feeling a poem I bookmarked some time during last year's search:  "Of What is Real" by Richard Tagett.