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"But we eat wings and throw them bones on the ground!"


There's Something About Maleficent

I have yet to see Malificent but kept mulling over this io9 post, which raises good points. Of the older Disney movies, Sleeping Beauty was a house favorite second only to Lady and the Tramp. One critical reason that Sleeping Beauty is great is because Malificent is awesome, as evidenced by *spoiler alert* turning into a fucking dragon.  She may be the first villain "you hate to love," as they say.  Wicked Witch of the West? Okay, but her weakness is water. The Evil Queen in Snow White is jealous, and Cinderella's stepmother boils down to a garden-variety bitch (also, not magical, so less cool).  Maleficent has horns, throws curses, creates a thicket of thorns, and transforms into a dragon. Therefore she is awesome as in awe-inducing.  Before Vader, there was Maleficent. Before Magneto, there was Maleficent. Before Amanda Woodward, there was Maleficent.


Red Doc

Spoiler alert?

Geryon is now G and Herakles is now Sad.

Things that I think happened:  G's mom is aging. An artist, Ida, connects the exes. ("The man had been his oxygen once.") The two go on a road trip north. They are visiting a glacier. Sad takes the car and peels out; G uses his wings and flies. They both end at an auto repair shop called Batcatraz...ice bats?...which is connected to a clinic.  In said clinic an old army buddy of Sad is found, 4NO. He suffers from seeing 5 seconds into the future.  Ida triggers an incident with pots in a plastic bag, Sad freaks, Ida calms the room by singing.  There is an escape from the clinic. A volcano is erupting. One of G's oxen, Io, believes she can fly and flings herself off a cliff, but is escorted safely the the flock of ice bats. Time passes. Death.

So I want to read it again and let the words just flow over like lava.