Red Doc

Spoiler alert?

Geryon is now G and Herakles is now Sad.

Things that I think happened:  G's mom is aging. An artist, Ida, connects the exes. ("The man had been his oxygen once.") The two go on a road trip north. They are visiting a glacier. Sad takes the car and peels out; G uses his wings and flies. They both end at an auto repair shop called Batcatraz...ice bats?...which is connected to a clinic.  In said clinic an old army buddy of Sad is found, 4NO. He suffers from seeing 5 seconds into the future.  Ida triggers an incident with pots in a plastic bag, Sad freaks, Ida calms the room by singing.  There is an escape from the clinic. A volcano is erupting. One of G's oxen, Io, believes she can fly and flings herself off a cliff, but is escorted safely the the flock of ice bats. Time passes. Death.

So I want to read it again and let the words just flow over like lava.

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