Blogging the Bourbon Chase

Saturday 10/11 7:23 PM

After 33 hours, 7 minutes, and 49 seconds we are finished with our 200 mile relay! After the past 60 minutes, I tasted bourbon from 4 distilleries. Would I do this again? Probably.

Saturday 10/11 5:40 PM

Our last runner is on the course.

Saturday 10/11 3:29 PM

Horse farms abound. Waiting for Jeff to finish leg 33.

Saturday 10/11 2:44 PM

Baby wipe van showers! JP is done!

Saturday 10/11 2:14 PM

Done! And ravenous!

Saturday 10/11 11:31 AM

Getting ready for my final leg. Woodford Reserve photos.

Saturday 10/11 10:38 AM

Van 2 is breakfasting at Panera in Frankfort, the state capital. And importantly, it is finally not raining!

Saturday 10/11 7:22 AM

The sky is lightening over Wild Turkey Distillery. 2/3 of the way done!

Saturday 10/11 5:08 AM

Biscuits and gravy at the church, y'all.

Saturday 10/11 3:04 AM

At America in the middle of the night: car dealerships, crosses, and election signs.

Blurry selfie.

Saturday 10/11 1:33 AM

Wake me up before you go go! That's my at bat song for Leg 19, coming up at just before 2:00 AM.

Friday 10/10 10:22 PM

All of our runners have run one leg. We all met up at the Danville exchange point. After warming ourselves at the Hub Van 2 is catching a nap at Danville High School gym. Zzz.

Friday 10/10 7:44 PM

Darkness has descended upon the land. I had a delightful taco from a roadside pop-up stand in Perryville.

Friday 10/10 6:19 PM

Tim at the start of leg 10.

And the rest welcome Jeff back.

Photo opp at Maker's (11/12 present)

Jaime handing off to me.

Harlan and Jaime somewhere pretty from van 1.

Friday 10/10 5:11 PM

Some serious rain during Leg 9. 

This van is trying to win the prize for best costume.

Friday 10/10 4:15 PM

Yours truly is back in the van after completing Leg 7! We switched off at Maker's Mark. My run was hilly but I ran at my projected pace. JP is out on the trail now in glorious weather.

Friday 10/10 11:26 AM

Van 2 is having a less than spectacular logistical start. Meanwhile please enjoy this photo of Captain Belinda in our chariot.

Friday 10/10 9:23 AM

Van 1 is at the start at Jim Beam! Here is a picture from Lisa: 

I am in Van 2. We have to zigzag to pick up the rest of our team. We start this afternoon after meeting up at Maker's Mark.

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