Apartment Flood #3 (Give or Take)

"That dehumidifier was a good idea."

"It's gotten us out of a few tough spots."

"We sound like such old farts right now."




Running Commentary #12

I finished the Brooklyn Half. Achievement unlocked! I ran faster than I expected for a time of 2:15:54, which was a pleasant surprise. Not near a PR, but better than my last half time, and only 2 minutes slower than when I ran my last Brooklyn Half in 2009.

Both my sisters are planning for marathons in the fall.  I am tempted, but I'd like to focus on another half and training to get stronger and faster.  I made exercise a priority in the first few months of the year, feel like it paid off, and I would like to keep it up.

But "personal project" time must now pivot toward wedding planning. Just need to find more "personal project" time overall.



How many galaxies lost, suns drawn in margins round the holes for binders, the day I shredded nine years of notebooks?

What’s your greatest fear? (Is this a game people play at a typical bachelorette?)

She shrugs to say, “That I’ll be unhappy, one day?”

I smile/suppose I’m like that. I don’t want to end up your roommate.

With sheets berried and striped what screw do you hope to turn?

Whatsamatter. Whatsamatter? Whatsamatter! You.

It don’t matter so long as there’s a screw to hold onto.


The Way He Looks

The Way He Looks is the latest reason this blog needs to start using a #ComingOfAge hashtag.



Story Idea: The Country's Best Vampire

There's this vampire who loves frozen yogurt. He sleeps all day, and then he rises from his coffin and his friends are always hounding him to hang out and kill people and drink their blood, but he ventures into the night for frozen yogurt. It's about the roles we're born into, and the choices we make for ourselves!


Step 1: Find Your Moon

This is what wikihow will advise after you google "how to tell whether the moon is waxing."