A Matter of Trust

Dear reader, you will simply have to trust me when I tell you that I wrote about 720 words today, accounting for yesterday and today. Shit got more personal than I care to post online. But, I can share a handful of observations from Provincetown:

  • Town is like a Stars Hollow by the sea, with colonial history and colorful characters. We saw our innkeeper Thom on the street last night, and we recognized our restaurant host as he biked past after dinner. (We learned his name was Peter when another resident greeted him.) Today we saw a movie in a theater that sat 70 people.
  • We took the dune tour. Regarding my quest to know the plants, I made notes of what the guide pointed out: the wild cranberry bogs, the beach roses (rosa rugosa), the rose hips, the beach plums (prunus maritima). And in the next moment, he was quoting Henry David Thoreau's Cape Cod.
  • I loved the beach. The wind is a constant suitor.

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