Spell Check

Found poetry!

I don't have any red flags/
hug issues working with him


The Chain Demo

I can still hear you saying...



JAILBREAK! I roared, swiping their outstretched hands and sprinting past. They scattered from the stoop. The sleepy night churned alive with shouts and curses, flashlight beams, steaming breath. I flattened my body against rock in a shallow bed at the yard’s edge. I gulped in air to slow my galloping heart, afraid it would give me away. But I was proud of the escape. I was not fast, and I was fat; I who was deliberate, I who played by keeping hidden, had freed them. I closed my eyes and fantasized it wasn’t just our palms that grazed.


And if I Should See a Car

And if I should see a car that looks like yours and search for you inside it, is that profiling? And if I hold a scene, waiting for my own skills to catch up to what I want to say? And if I seek a connection in every piece of art, both great and mediocre? 

How quick I am to jettison these projects.


Chaotic: Test Driving Similes

As hair. As tectonic plate shifts, as a continent, as evolution. As drums. As rock. As syncopation. As a sprig of whiskers on the face of a cat. As a heart. As memory. As a family. As history. As a campus. As fire. As friendship. As wind chimes. As a kid in sand. As a ball pit. As violence. As Canal Street. As a boiling kettle. As seaweed. As a tree branch. As a nervous system. As a dare. As one single gun in one single hand.