Poem in Your Pocket Day 2016

Happy PIYP to you from me! This year I choose "Field Bling" by Ada Limón. (It's at the bottom of the page among other poems of hers. Also, there is audio!)



I first noticed his ears sticking out while threading my way through the lobby to him. "Brian. Strong name. Spelled wrong, though." I knew his name was Bryan from his name tag. I said, "Nobody's perfect," and searched his hands for a wedding ring. He did not have one. That must be a job requirement, I thought. His hair was straight and long. His hands were small and clean. He told me where to go and I went.


A Play Is What That Thing Is

So, You’re Thinking About Seeing a Play by Abbey Fenbert

Most plays produced are by white men named David because that’s how America is. In discussions about how to change this, some guy will invariably say in a cautionary tone “a play must be judged on its merits alone,” and it’s very awkward for everyone involved because… Yikes, David. Did you think white privilege was a merit-based system?
 “Yikes, David” sums up my feelings about a great many plays/everything.
There are like, twelve possible endings to plays, and eight of them are “someone’s pregnant.”


Book Spine Time

Today's NaPoWriMo prompt: write a "book spine" poem.

We the animals
head off & split.
Bon courage,
good people —
So long, see you tomorrow!


Shit Are We Lost?

Jessica Greenbaum reading Debora Lidov's "The Drama of the Gifted Hansel" in this podcast was one of the best things about today.



"America has always offered to drink anything for five dollars, no matter how disgusting." - Lost in Trumplandia, by Patricia Lockwood.


Current Mood

NaPoWriMo is back.  In response to the prompt for Day 1.

No more tragedy:
Shrug off snow;
make way for summer.

End it happily:
Gurl, give me
an upbeat number!