John wanted to be an Air Force pilot back then. But he didn't think he would pass the physical. He didn't have 20/20 vision.


Rebel Rebel

I would ride the yellow bike around Nana and Pop-Pop's retirement community in Bradenton, pretending I was a rebel flying my X-wing on a mission to infiltrate the Death Star.


Grand Romance

A neighbor, or one of the cousins, discusses our grandmother’s failing health, and predicts our grandfather will die shortly after our grandmother passes, such was his devotion to her.

But he dies first. She doesn’t remember him. She lives another two years.


Weird You Out

"Does it weird you out when guys think your sister is hot?" a kid asked in high school.

"Does it weird you out that I want to fuck your brother?" I should have said.


Dream, 9/20/16

Samantha visited the house in Whippany. My father was cooking roast pork. He left meat marinating on the kitchen table.

A blond, bearded stranger stopped me in the street in an aggressive manner, gripping my arm. I tried to shake him loose. But then he said something that comforted me, made me think he was an okay person. Chaos followed: he was besieged by attackers, and the setting morphed into a park. The stranger emerged from behind a large rock and fired a gun. It shot out a tiny red-and-white ski hat that floated down and landed on a fence near me.

Dani played "Say Something" on a digital piano at a concert she held in the basement of a house. She asked a girl from the audience to play alongside her with one hand. Dani was emotional, lips and voice trembling. I saw Bob near the back. He was wearing a red baseball cap backwards. I walked over, and we looked at a poster describing cheeses of the world with Ray. After the show, upstairs, a black Labrador rushed into the empty dining room and jumped on the table.



In elementary school I read Night of the Twisters by Ivy Ruckman. I don't remember the book beyond its title, but I will confess that ever since then tornadoes are the natural disaster that most scare the shit out of me.



His supermarket trips stretch for hours at a time, leaving the family to speculate on his whereabouts. Evergreens across the street cast shadows on the yard.


Shirts/Post 1000

I hang shirts so that the hook of the hanger curves towards the right-hand side of the shirt. JP prefers the hook to point to the left-hand side of the shirt. We do this small thing for each other when hanging the laundry. The end result is the closet looks like two opposing teams facing off, separated by a referee of belts and ties.


To Watch

I clicked on a friend's FB link to the PBS NewsHour interview with Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe. I'm now curious to watch the show/read the children's book.