Dream, 9/20/16

Samantha visited the house in Whippany. My father was cooking roast pork. He left meat marinating on the kitchen table.

A blond, bearded stranger stopped me in the street in an aggressive manner, gripping my arm. I tried to shake him loose. But then he said something that comforted me, made me think he was an okay person. Chaos followed: he was besieged by attackers, and the setting morphed into a park. The stranger emerged from behind a large rock and fired a gun. It shot out a tiny red-and-white ski hat that floated down and landed on a fence near me.

Dani played "Say Something" on a digital piano at a concert she held in the basement of a house. She asked a girl from the audience to play alongside her with one hand. Dani was emotional, lips and voice trembling. I saw Bob near the back. He was wearing a red baseball cap backwards. I walked over, and we looked at a poster describing cheeses of the world with Ray. After the show, upstairs, a black Labrador rushed into the empty dining room and jumped on the table.

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DMC said...

I love your brain.